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100% Compensation Plan

You Earn As Per The Level That You Have Joined

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So Simple Yet So Powerful

  • Reseller Licenses Included With Each Membership Level

  • Instant 100% Commission Paid Paid Directly To YOU Into YOUR PayPal Account. 

  • Your 1st Sale is "Passed Up" to your Qualified Upline and then you Qualify to keep 100% of every other Sale thereafter!

    That's it, Sooo Simple, eh!

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Let's Take it One Step Further...

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The schematic on the left looks complicated but it is really quite simple!

Take a look at Mary on the far left... Mary is your 1st Sale so you "Pass Her Up" to your Introducer and Mary pays them.

Bob is your 2nd Sale so Bob and everyone else that you sign up pays YOU.

Then Bob, Sue, Fred and everyone else that you sign up "Passes Up" their 1st Sale to YOU.

Are You Excited???

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We know you are, but eh, "You ain't seen nothing yet"!

Wait until you see how the Override Commissions work.!

Earn an UnCapped Passive Residual Income by Building a Team of Resellers.

Override Commissions are paid to the next Qualified Upline Reseller who is at the Level of the Sale or Higher.

What does that mean and how does it work?

Watch This Next Video To See The Ginormous Potential In Override Commissions

Let's Recap

As an IPS Member, you have the Reseller Rights to market our incredible System and earn 100% Commission on your Personal Sales and you also have the opportunity, depending on which Level you have bought the rights to, to earn incredible Override Commissions to Infinite Levels below you.

LOW Entry Cost: What other Opportunity has this kind of Potential from as little as $60 Startup?

HIGH Commission: You can earn up to an Incredible 100% on your Personal Sales

Quick Break Even: Just 1 Sale can enable you to Recoup your Membership Cost
                                    (less the tiny One Time Reseller/Platform Fee) 

NO Waiting: Sales are Paid Directly and Immediately To YOU

NO Product To Create: We provide you with a Cutting Edge System ready to Sell

NO Rent To Pay: 100% Online enables you to Build a Global Business from Anywhere in the World

Turn-Key: Everything has been Set Up for YOU

Make Money TODAY: Start Creating Making Multiple Streams of Passive Residual Income TODAY!

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Keep Things Moving
And Get Some Great Momentum Happening!

Whether you only want to earn a Great DAILY Passive Income or if you want to build a Gigantic Global Network, we are here to help. We will move as fast or as slow as you want. This is all about YOU so we will work at YOUR pace!

We have an AWESOME TEAM who are all committed to work together and help each other as we ALL believe that the more we help each other, the more We ALL THRIVE!

Click on the JOIN Button on the top right menu to get Registered and then get in contact with the person who referred you to our website so they can help you Get Started Today!

We'll see you in the Members Area shortly...

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