BRONZE Power Training: Module 4

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The Mechanics Of Internet Marketing

Discover the solutions to your Marketing Tech Problems… This module would have to be the most comprehensive Training of Web Tech available anywhere. We empower you to take control of all of the Techie Stuff that is associated with Internet Marketing in 13 Volumes of no fluff, straight to the point, look over our shoulder step-by-step training. 

STOP paying crazy fees to Techos and WebMasters as “Everything is Easy When You Know How”...

The following videos are your “Genie In A Bottle”. Your answer to all your Technical Stuff. And they are delivered in consumable bite size chunks so you will not get overwhelmed.

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Volume 1 ~ FTP & More

The best place to start is at the beginning. Like Getting Organized, Getting a Domain, Getting Web Hosting, Getting FileZilla but most importantly it is GETTING STARTED!

  • Don’t Waste Money On Domain Purchases – Video 3 Can Save You A Bundle
  • Organize Now And Save Time Later – Video 1 Is A Time-Saving Tip Goldmine
  • Discover Why Having A Gmail Address Is Important Even After You Have Your Domain
  • Images From Video Screen Captures PLUS Slightly Edited Transcripts EQUALS Totally Unique eBook You Can Sell, Give Away or Exchange For Email Info
  • Secure FTP Connection – So Easy You Shouldn’t Do It Any Other Way – Video 9 Shows You

1. Organization Tips
Running Time: 8:41

4. Getting Web Hosting
Running Time: 6:56

7. Your FTP Login Info
Running Time: 3:47

10. Transferring Files
Running Time: 5:53

13. Export & Importing FileZilla Settings
Running Time:2:41

2. What Is FTP?
Running Time: 4:57 

5. Installing FileZilla
Running Time: 4:14

8. Connecting FileZilla To Server
Running Time: 5:43

11. Editing Live Files
Running Time: 3:40

14. Force FileZilla To Show Hidden Files
Running Time: 2:07

3. Getting A Domain
Running Time: 6:54

6. Changing Name Servers
Running Time: 7:28

9. Secure Connection To Server
Running Time: 2:25

12. Resume Broken File Transfers
Running Time: 3:35

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Volume 2 ~ cPanel & More

These videos are created for the novice / newbie who wants to learn the ropes of an Online Business. The videos are created so they are independent from each other. This means that they do not refer to the other videos in this series and will complement the rest of our Training material.

  • Save money by not having to hire someone to build your blog – Video 10
  • Save money from domain registrars from charging you monthly for email accounts
  • Save money by not having to hire someone to create & optimize your database – Video 9
  • Save money by using Addon domains instead of purchasing new web hosting for each new domain
  • Save money from dead affiliate landing pages by using redirects – Video 16 shows you the details

1. Introduction to cPanel 
Running Time: 6:38

4. How to Create a Gmail Account
Running Time: 2:41

7. cPanel-Security Panel
Running Time: 10:14

10. cPanel-Create WordPress Site
Running Time: 6:53

13. cPanel-Customize Error Pages
Running Time: 7:22

16. cPanel-Create Redirect
Running Time: 5:32

2. cPanel-Create Email Account 
Running Time: 4:53

5. Create Gmail Forwarders
Running Time: 2:26

8. cPanel-Password Protect Folders
Running Time: 3:05

11. How To Add Themes To WordPress
Running Time: 4:38

14. Create A Favicon
Running Time: 5:46

17. How To Create A Google Alert
Running Time: 3:45

3. cPanel-Create Email Forwarders 
Running Time: 2:37

6. cPanel-Logs
Running Time: 5:45

9. cPanel-Create a MySQL Database
Running Time: 7:34

12. How To Add Plugins To WordPress
Running Time: 4:46

15. cPanel-Backup & Restore
Running Time: 6:06
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Volume 3 ~ WP Security & More

Has your WordPress site been hacked yet? Secure your site in 5 minutes or less…

Hacking is at a Record High!

There are over 60 MILLION WordPress sites in the World including, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Ford, CNN, Nasa, Pepsi, Nikon, CBS, NBC Sports, Dow Jones & UPS.

As WordPress is gaining a wide user following, this extremely popular platform is also a common target for hacking. 

In fact, they claim that over 70% of all WordPress sites are hacked within 12 months of installation. Our step-by-step training videos will show you how to add layers of security to your WordPress site… In 5 Minutes Or Less.

You can spend 5 minutes NOW or later spend days to weeks trying to get your site cleaned up & back in Google’s good books – The Choice Is Yours.

1. More Secure Manual Install [Written Steps in separate document] 
Time – 10:24

4. Secure WP-Config.php 
[Copy & Paste Code included in a separate document]
Time – 5:31

7. More Secure Passwords
Time – 2:20

10. Configure iThemes Security (formally BWS) Plugin
Time – 7:25

2. More Secure 1-Click Install 
Time – 6:41

5. Secure Admin Username
Time – 3:27

8. Secure Database Prefix
Time – 6:56

11. Prevent Brute Force Attacks
Time – 5:40

3. Secure FTP 
Time – 3:22

6. Secure Webhosting
Time – 6:20

9. Secure Cleanup
[Copy & Paste Code included in a separate document]
Time – 6:40

12. Manual Backup-Break-Restore
Time – 6:15
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Volume 4 ~ The Fastest & Easiest Way To Master The Basics Of HTML5

Mastering the basics of HTML5 is a great skill to have whether you need to learn how to create a web page structure, colors, graphics, links, or embed images, audio or videos.

Watch video 2 and see just how simple it is to create your own web pages from scratch. 

Video 7 details how to add & configure site navigation links to your static web pages. 

Video 13 shows you step-by-step how to add video to your HTML5 web page. 

Our Trainer’s entertaining video style will have you INSTANTLY soaking up these HTML nuggets of knowledge.

Save time & money by no longer having to hire and then wait for someone to fix broken links, add audio, images or videos to your website.

1. HTML & HTML5 Introduction 
Time: 6:04 Minutes

4. HTML Saving-Files
Time: 5:28 Minutes

7. HTML Site Nav Links
Time: 5:38 Minutes

10. HTML Comments Tag
Time: 4:23 Minutes

13. HTML5 Video Tag
Time: 7:20 Minutes

16. HTML hr Tag
Time: 3:39 Minutes

2. HTML Create Basic Page 
Time: 12:41 Minutes

5. HTML Nesting
Time: 6:31 Minutes

8. HTML Link Targets
Time: 5:53 Minutes

11. HTML Meta Tags
Time: 5:12 Minutes

14. HTML Ordered Lists
Time: 3:09 Minutes

17. HTML Validation
Time: 3:38 Minutes

3. HTML Editors 
Time: 7:30 Minutes

6. HTML Colors
Time: 6:38 Minutes

9. HTML Images
Time: 3:33 Minutes

12. HTML5 Audio Tag
Time: 7:40 Minutes

15. HTML Unordered Lists
Time: 3:28 Minutes
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Volume 5 ~ The Fastest & Easiest Way To Master The Basics Of CSS3

CSS & CSS3 is the pretty face that sits on top of the HTML skeleton.

Your website will not exist without HTML.., But without CSS & CSS3 your HTML website will not have the "pretty face" that your visitors will want to look at.


Mastering the basics of CSS & CSS3 is a necessary skill to have in order to properly design website layouts that look fantastic.

CSS3 allows you to easily design a more dynamic web page with shadows, text effects and rounded corners (just to name a few) that before required the use of images and more code.

Plus, search engines love the load speed that a properly coded CSS page has.

1. CSS-Intro 
Running Time – 2:41

4. CSS-Internal
Running Time – 2:51

7. CSS Comment Tag
Running Time – 2:26

10. CSS Validation
Running Time – 3:49

13. CSS Changing Text Alignment
Running Time – 3:00

16. CSS Adding Text Shadow & 3-D Text
Running Time – 4:04

19. CSS Add Shadows To A Content Box
Running Time – 3:32

2. CSS-Syntax 
Running Time – 3:56

5. CSS-External
Running Time – 4:59

8. CSS The ID Selector
Running Time – 2:37

11. CSS Changing Font Size
Running Time – 4:00

14. CSS Changing Font Family
Running Time – 5:21

17. CSS Creating A Content Box
Running Time – 3:44

3. CSS-Inline 
Running Time – 4:34

6. CSS-Link Styles
Running Time – 5:07

9. CSS The Class Selector
Running Time – 4:04

12. CSS Changing Font Color
Running Time – 7:20

15. CSS Changing Font Style
Running Time – 3:34

18. CSS Add Rounded Corners To A Content Box
Running Time – 4:04
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Volume 6 ~ Internet Marketing Tools ~ Learn About Them & Profit

Building your Online Business is just like building most things…Building your Online Business is just like building most things…

If you have the correct tools AND KNOW HOW TO USE THEM, then you save both Time & Money.

  • These awesome videos can help you save two items you can NEVER have enough of…TIME & MONEY!
  • Discover a time-saving tool that allows you to read the web site article without all the distracting sidebar adverts, pop-ups & other shiny objects.
  • Video 08 will detail for you a couple different file compression tools every online business is required to use at one time or another
  • Save time & money by no longer having to blindly search the Internet looking for your websites (or your competitors) traffic statistics. Video 04 will show you this must have tool
  • Video 10 introduces you to and shows you how to use, a free tool that replaces the now retired Google Reader

1. Source Code Editor 
Running Time:3:48

4. Alexa
Running Time:3:18

7. Screen Capture
Running Time:7:31

10. Feedly – Google Reader Replacement
Running Time:7:26

2. Web Reader 
Running Time:6:11

5. Warrior Forum
Running Time:5:08

8. Zip Files
Running Time:5:00

11. Cross Browser Testing
Running Time:4:07

3. Create PDF 
Running Time:5:27

6. Seller Sites
Running Time:5:42

9. Add To Your Windows Right-Click Menu
Running Time:5:04
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Volume 7 ~ What You Should Know About Google Marketing Tools

Google has some powerful marketing tools that you should not only know about, you should master them!

Building your online business is just like building most things..., If you have the right tools AND KNOW HOW TO USE THEM, then you save both time & money.
  • Gmail Tabs are NOT as bad as many will have you believe. Video 06 will show you how to benefit from this new feature & how to turn them off if you still don’t like them
  • These awesome videos can help you save two items you can NEVER have enough of… TIME & MONEY!
  • Get & Keep your emails organized! Videos 02, 05 & 07 will show you in detail, how to manage your Gmail inbox and MORE!
  • You had 30 site visitors & 10 bought your gizmo. Video 15 on setting Google Analytics Goals will show you how to increase your conversions. This video is worth the cost of the entire Bronze Membership!
  • Google Analytics is a powerful FREE service that provides you with information on your website traffic & sales. Video 12 takes you on a tour of the GA interface so you will know where all the right buttons are located

1. Gmail-User Interface Tour 
Running Time: 6:42

4. Gmail-General Settings
Running Time: 6:55

7. Gmail-Filters
Running Time: 4:27

10. Gmail-Analytics
Running Time: 5:54

13. Google Analytics Customize Dashboard
Running Time: 7:05

2. Gmail-Customize UI 
Running Time:3:38

5. Gmail-Labels
Running Time:4:22

8. Gmail-Contacts & Groups
Running Time: 5:28

11. Google Analytics Account Setup
Running Time: 6:42

14. Google Analytics Add Users
Running Time: 2:22

3. Gmail-Compose, Send & Receive 
Running Time: 3:58

6. Gmail-Tabs Feature
Running Time: 3:00

9. Gmail-Labs
Running Time: 2:56

12. Google Analytics UI Tour
Running Time: 5:05

15. Google Analytics Creating Goals
Running Time: 10:12
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Volume 8 ~ Discover The Secrets Of Blazing Fast WordPress

Every Ounce Of Effort You Put Into Your WP Site Is A Waste Of Time If Your Site Is Slow

You have killer sales copy – awesome graphics – & tons of traffic BUT..
if your site is a slow-poke then your visitors are gone & Google will bury you!
With your WordPress site loading faster, your visitors will be happier & hang around longer which means more money in your pocket PLUS..,
Google also loves faster loading sites and rewards them with better rankings in the search engine results page (SERP)
  • This power plugin optimizes your WordPress site for massive speed increase. Video 10 details the install & configuration. Plus you get the before & after test to prove it.
  • Video 02 introduces you to the must have tools you need in your online ‘toolbox’ in order to test the speed of your WordPress site(s).
  • Videos 08 & 09 walk you step-by-step through the coding of your .htaccess file to give you a WordPress site that loads like lightning.
  • Quite possibly the easiest way to optimize and speed up your WordPress site is covered in video 06. Follow these simple steps and see an immediate improvement in how fast your home page pops into your visitors browser.
  • These awesome videos can help you save two items you can NEVER have enough of… TIME & MONEY!

1. Importance Of Webpage Speed 
Running Time: 1:24

4. Google PageSpeed Guide (Speed Testing Tool)
Running Time: 4:23

7. Optimize Database
Running Time: 3:21

10. W3 Total Cache Plugin Setup
Running Time: 10:20

2. Speed Test Tools 
Running Time: 3:54 

5. Optimize Images
Running Time: 5:24

8. GZip Site Compression
Running Time: 3:36

11. Removal Of W3 Total Cache Plugin
Running Time: 2:09

3. YSlow Guide 
(Speed Testing Tool)
Running Time: 7:49

6. Optimize Home Page
Running Time: 5:12

9. Leverage Browser Caching
Running Time: 5:55
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Volume 9 ~ Discover FREE & Powerful Screencasting Tools

If you feel Online Video is just another over-hyped, passing fad..

Think again!
  • 65% of executives have visited a vendor’s site after watching a video. – Forbes
  • When marketers included a video in an email, the click-through rate increased by 200% – 300% – Forrester
  • The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video. – Mist Media
  • According to ComScore, 64% of users are more likely to purchase a product online after watching a video.
  • Using video on landing pages can increase conversions by 80% – UNBOUNCE

1. Video Creation Basics 
Running Time: 5:31

4. Screencast-O-Matic Introduction
Running Time: 5:52

7. Audacity Introduction
Running Time: 5:46

10. VLC Introduction
Running Time: 7:00

2. Jing Introduction 
Running Time: 5:58

5. EzVid Introduction
Running Time: 11:52

8. Handbrake Introduction
Running Time: 4:43

11. VLC Features
Running Time: 7:26

3. CamStudio Introduction 
Running Time: 11:03

6. Windows Live Movie Maker
Running Time: 8:21

9. Freemake Introduction
Running Time: 9:03
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Volume 10 ~ Discover FREE & Powerful Graphics Tools

Being able to create & edit graphics is a vital skill needed to run your business. Yes you could outsource it, but if you understood basic editing skills, you could save money, and time waiting around for a simple job to be done.

Finally!! Discover How You Can Create and Edit Professional Graphics Using Free Graphics Editing Software. Quickly & Easily!

  • Take a detailed tour of the user interface of Gimp & with videos 03 & 09.
  • Discover some hidden gems in the advanced tab of your WordPress image editor!
  • Video 01 shows you a few tricks to make your images even more fantastic.
  • Are you struggling to create your YouTube Chanel Art so it looks great in the different devices. Struggle no more!
  • Video 14 walks you through the entire process – its easy once you know how!
  • is a feature rich image editor and creator right out of the box but video 10 shows you step by step how to add even more functionality.
  • These awesome videos can help you save two items you can NEVER have enough of… TIME & MONEY!

1. WordPress-Advanced Image Editor 
Running Time: 4:58

4. Gimp Add ScriptFu
Running Time: 3:46

7. Gimp Raised Text
Running Time: 5:41

10. Add Plugins
Running Time: 7:41

13. PicMonkey Collage Creator
Running Time: 4:25

2. Gimp Intro 
Running Time: 2:57

5. Gimp Add Gradient To Text
Running Time: 5:18

8. Intro
Running Time: 4:12

11. Text Effects
Running Time: 5:28

14. PicMonkey YouTube Channel Art
Running Time: 5:09

3. Gimp Tour 
Running Time: 7:54

6. Gimp Glowing Text
Running Time: 5:29

9. Tour
Running Time: 6:27

12. PicMonkey Editor
Running Time: 3:44
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Volume 11 ~ Online Security With Password Managers

Help – I’ve Been Robbed!!
Gone are the days when most thieves would rob you on the street. Now they rob you from the comfort of their computer keyboard.

PROTECTING yourself from this type of theft is much easier than fixing the problem AFTER you have become a victim.
  • Using RoboForm can make you money! Video 10 gives you some examples and MUCH MORE!
  • Video 03 takes the guess work out of which KeePass package to install for your situation & system.
  • Videos 02 & 06 introduce you to KeePass and RoboForm. These 2 popular and powerful password managers can do way more than just store your super strong & unique passwords. WATCH and LEARN!
  • After you see just how powerful KeePass is by watching Video 04, you will be asking yourself “How Can This Be FREE?”
  • These awesome videos can help you save two items you can NEVER have enough of… TIME & MONEY!

1. Online Security Why 
Running Time: 3:48

4. KeePass Create Database
Running Time: 3:50

7. RoboForm Install
Running Time: 3:56

10. RoboForm Identities
Running Time: 8:24

2. KeePass Introduction 
Running Time: 2:10

5. KeePass Add Entry
Running Time: 5:16

8. RoboForm Tour
Running Time: 4:20

3. KeePass Install 
Running Time: 4:05

6. RoboForm Introduction
Running Time: 4:12

9. RoboForm Add Logins
Running Time: 5:22
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Volume 12 ~ Step-by-Step PayPal Solutions

Have you or someone you know, ever searched for help to do what looks to be a rather simple task like adding a PayPal button or a mandatory checkbox to your website but always came up empty?

Have you ever wondered how those people with 100’s of websites quickly change an image or an advertisement on all their sites AT THE SAME TIME!!?

Or what about how to create one of those cool customized paypal payment pages.., WELL…

Look No More – Your Answers Are Here!!
  • How to pay 1 or 100 payments with your PayPal account at the same time.
  • How to create, customize & add a PayPal buy-now button to your website.
  • How to create & add a mandatory checkbox to your website.
  • The 5 different PayPal account types and which is best for your needs.
  • What a php includes file is and how it can save you hours or work.

1. Mandatory Checkbox 
[Custom Code Supplied] 
Running Time: 6:12

4. Create & Use PHP Includes 
 [Custom Code Supplied]
Running Time: 4:00

7. PayPal-Fees
Running Time: 4:50

10. PayPal-Create Custom Payment Page
Running Time: 6:30

2. Can’t Open File 
Running Time: 4:11

5. What Is PayPal
Running Time: 1:30

8. PayPal-Create An Account
Running Time: 4:32

11. PayPal-Upgrade To Business Account FOR FREE
Running Time: 3:41

3. Create & Use iFrames 
 [Custom Code Supplied] 
Running Time: 6:07

6. PayPal-Different Account Types
Running Time: 4:08

9. PayPal-Create Buy Button
Running Time: 7:00

12. PayPal-Mass Payments
Running Time: 6:34
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Volume 13 ~ The Definitive Start Course For WordPress 4.x

You know you need a website for your online business & by now you probably know that WordPress is the fastest way to create great looking, search engine loving websites.

Maybe you’ve even bought other training modules or tried some free training but the amount of tech-talk or the impossible to understand accent stopped you dead in your tracks. WELL…

Look No More – Your Answers Are Here... "The Definitive Starter Course For WordPress 4.X"

  • The safest place to get FREE WordPress plugins
  • Much faster installation method than described most anywhere else
  • A detailed tour of the Post & Page editor for version 4.x
  • The theme screen & customizer with live widget preview
  • How to prevent server crashing brute force attacks

1. Instant Creation
Includes organizational tips & best practices for Usernames and passwords.
Running Time – 6:33 

4. Basic Security
How to easily remove ID-1 from your database and why you should.

How To Remove All mentions of the WP version from the source code.

How to do a full backup of files & database
(copy & paste code included) 

Running Time – 6:42

7. Create Pages

How To Create a WordPress page.

How to add images to your page .

How to set your page for AUTOMATIC future publication .

Running Time – 8:28

10. Themes
The theme customizer with live widget preview.

The add new theme screen.

How to delete installed themes .

How to customize installed themes .

Running Time – 5:51

13. Basic SEO

Which is the most popular free SEO plugin? Our Trainer will install & activate it 

What is a permalink and how to change it

How to create a fully optimized post – including images

Running Time – 10:08

2. Manual Creation
Includes a more secure and faster installation method than described elsewhere & the 4 things required for proper manual installs.

Running Time – 9:23

5. Dashboard Tour
A detailed walk-through of the Admin Dashboard of your WordPress site.

Running Time:4:15

8. Create Posts

How To Create a WordPress post.

How to add an image to a post .

How to schedule AUTOMATIC future posts .

Running Time – 8:27

11. Widgets
How to add, move & remove widgets on your theme .

Running Time – 5:17

14. Prevent Server Crashing Brute Force Attacks

Preventing a site break-in by a brute force attack is one thing but preventing your server from crashing from a brute force attack is an entirely different problem. Not any more!

How to prevent server crashing brute force attacks with free & easy to use plugin .

Running Time – 8:02

3. Installation Cleanup
Cleanup on aisle 5.., which files you can delete after installation for a more secure and streamlined WordPress site.

Running Time – 4:47

6. Pages vs Posts
Name three differences between WP Posts and WordPress Pages – In this video our Trainer will show you seven.

Running Time:1:30

9. Plugins
The safest place to get FREE WordPress plugins.

How to install plugins inside & outside of your WordPress site .

Running Time – 7:22

12. Menus
How to add & edit your WordPress navigation menus.

Running Time – 5:59

15. What Is WordPress
Here is a quick explanation of what WordPress is and the benefits you have by using it. Yes this should have been video 01 but this is one of the “better late than never” moments.  

Running Time – 1:52

16. The Difference Between &
Yes there is a dot com and a dot org version of WordPress. There are benefits on both and drawbacks as well. This video spells them out for you. 

Running Time – 2:14

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